Lost & Found Pets

Have you lost or found a pet? Below are tips to help you get the pet reunited with its owner.

Due to COVID-19, many animal shelters are closed or have limited resources to take in lost pets. As a community, this is an area we can all help each other out by helping take care of lost pets in this time of need; and by doing everything we can to get them reunited. Now, more than ever, we need our pet companions. Let’s all do our part to help keep people and their pets together!

Tips for Finding a Lost Pet or Its Owner

Check Your Home First for Lost Pet

Before you begin a wide search to find a lost pet, make sure they’re actually gone. Your pet may be trapped somewhere inside your home, garage, yard shed, or elsewhere on your property. Give a thorough search, and consider carrying some of your pet’s favorite treats or toys with you.

Expand Your Search for Lost Pet

Once you’ve determined your pet has, in fact, escaped your property, check your neighborhood, parks, schools, and other nearby areas. Consider that the artificial boundaries you wouldn’t cross — industrial zones, neighbors’ properties, etc. — pose no barrier to a pet. If an area is accessible, there’s a chance your pet may have wandered in. Of course, be sure to ask your neighbors before searching their yards or outbuildings.

Get Social to Find Lost Owner or Pet

Don’t search alone — find help! Put out the call, go door-to-door, send emails, and engage your social media network. It’s amazing how many pets and owners have been found following a posting on Facebook. Check for various local and regional lost/found pet Facebook groups and post photos and detailed information there.

Pawboost will share your lost/found pet posting on social media, their website, and through email alerts for anyone signed up in your area. Reddit has a Lost & Found Pet area. Craigslist is also common site where people post about lost and found pets. You can also try a neighborhood-specific resource like Nextdoor. These tools really can make a big difference.

Flag and Update Your Lost Pet’s Microchip

If your pet is microchipped, now would be a good time to call the microchip company to (1) alert them that your pet is missing and (2) ensure that your contact information is up to date.

Go Where Found Pets Go

Typically, found pets are taken to local animal shelters. However, many shelters are currently not accepting visitors or lost pets. Call your local shelter to inquire if your pet is there or to inform them that you found a pet. Be patient with the staff at the shelter; they may be dealing with lots of ill pets and emergencies. You can leave a “Lost/Found Pet” poster and check back in with them daily. 

Go Where People Go

Expand your reach even farther by placing “Lost/Found Pet” posters in high-traffic areas. Ask local shops — coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants — and your local library if you can hang a poster. Think of places in your vicinity that attract a lot of people from both near and far; one of those people just might recognize your pet.

After you find your pet or reunite a pet, please be courteous and update your social media posts that your pet has been found and clean up any posters you placed around your community.

Additionally, please ensure that your pet is wearing visible identification.

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