When you vote YES on MWC Bond Proposition 4 on August 28, you are saving and improving pets’ lives in our community by providing a new Animal Shelter for Midwest City!

Proposition 4 (Public Safety) includes $2.5 million for a new animal shelter that will improve animal welfare by being centrally located, providing double the amount of space for dogs and cats, generating greater public awareness, and increasing pet adoptions. The new facility will also feature adoption rooms for families to meet and greet pets, outdoor play areas, and community services such as volunteer opportunities.

A new animal shelter is a NEED for our community.

Our animal shelter is desperate for a new, larger facility and two studies have proven so*. It is still operating under the same, tiny roof and cinderblock walls that were built 31 years ago. However, the animal welfare needs of our community have grown over the many years since it was built, and the current facility is plagued with infrastructure issues such as leaks, drainage, capacity limitations, and overall disrepair. >Learn more about the MWC Bond Special Election

Still not sure about voting YES on Proposition 4?

Visit Our Current Animal Shelter

We encourage you to visit the current MWC animal shelter at 7221 NE 36th in OKC across from the landfill to see the disrepair, lack of space, and poor location.

*Read About Two Studies That Recommend MWC Rebuild and Relocate Animal Shelter

  • In November 2014, the city contracted with Shelter Planners of America (SPA) to do a study which resulted in the recommendation of replacement and relocation of the current shelter and identified funding needs as $3,4 million. >View the SPA study.
  • Again, in December 2016 another study made the very same recommendation when the city contracted with Matrix Consulting Group (MCG) to conduct a police department master plan which recommended: “Develop a capital improvement program to extensively remodel or relocate shelter to a larger more adequately designed space.” >View the MCG study. See page 95.


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